Reham F. El-Kased

Reham F. El-Kased
Lecturer, Microbiology and Immunology department, Faculty of Pharmacy, The British University, Egypt


Reham F. El-Kased studied Pharmacy at Cairo University, Egypt, from where she received her MSc degree. In her PhD work at the Proteome Center Rostock, University Medical Center Rostock, Germany, she studied protein-protein interactions and developed epitope mapping methods without immobilization of the antibody in combination with modern mass spectrometry techniques. In September 2013, she joined The British University in Egypt (BUE), Cairo, Egypt, as a Lecturer at the Faculty of Pharmacy

Research Interest

Proteomics Immunoanalytical analysis of different diseases Antigen-antibody interaction analysis Studying structure-activity relationship Epitope mapping using mass spectrometric analysis New methods for disease diagnosis and ways to stratify patients through antibody profiling.