Rehab H. El-Sokkary

Rehab H. El-Sokkary
Assistant Proffesor, Medical Microbiology and Immunology, Zagazig, Egypt


Dr. Rehab El-Sokkary was professionally certified form the American University in Cairo in June 2012 and received a master degree in IPC from Fayoum University in November 2015. As a trainer and human resources developer, she was certified as an associate trainer in November 2014 and now she is a professionally certified trainer from IBCT since November 2015. Experience in infection control. From the year 2008 and onwards, Dr Rehab had many experiences as a specialist then as a consultant at infection control lab and she was charged as the supervisor of infection control lab (2011-2012),besides being an instructor of infection control courses to different groups of healthcare providers. She was then promoted as the manager of infection control unit-Zagazig university hospitals from August 2012 to April 2015. During this late period, she was the Head of Biosafety committee for academic buildings and succeeded with infection control team in developing infection control policies and procedures, construction of a competent team, establishment of infection control activity at their hospital, start a successful vaccination campaign for HBV, execution of multiple training programs to different target groups and the most important thing is provoking a culture of infection control practice. At the annual conference of the Egyptian society of microbiology and immunology held in April 2016, she presented with her colleague Dr. Rehab El-Said how they succeeded in application of challenge model in infection prevention and control at their hospital by evidence based practice. They were honoured by "The prize of best presentation" awarded at that conference.

Research Interest

Immunology - Infection prevention and control