Radostina vlaeva cherneva

Radostina vlaeva cherneva
Assistant Professor in Specialised Respiratory Diseases Clinic, University Hospital Saint Sophia, Bulgaria


I am born on 07.02.1981 in Sliven. My mother is a dentist, my father is a surgeon. I have a younger sister. She is a cardiologist. We both have graduated the English Language School in Sliven. After that we studied medicine at Medical University, Sofia. I graduated in 2006. I began my residence in Internal Medicine, at the University Hospital ?Alexandrovska?, Sofia. I acquired diploma in Internal medicine, 2012. I worked on a PhD theisis ? Biomarkers in lung cancer (2006-2010). I did the thesis at the Department of molecular pathology and genetics. I took my PhD in 2010. I started Respiratory medicine, 2013 at the same hospital. In 2015 I acquired Hermes in training, and diploma in Respiratiory medicine. I changed my workplace 2016. Now I work at University Hospital ?St. Sophia? - a specialized clinic in respiratory medicine. I acquired a lot of burasries and visited many ERS courses - Spirometry training, Thoracic imagining, Clinical research in respiratory medicine, and Cardio-pulmonary exercise testing.

Research Interest

Clinical evaluation of the expression of EGFR, hTERT, alpha B crystalline in NSCLC patients HspB5 in COPD Dipping/nondipping pattern in OSA Nocturnal hypertension inOSA Impaired glucose metabolism in OSA Heart failure in OSA ? oxidative stress and biomarkers Impaired glucose metabolism, inflammation and acute coronary syndromes Epigenetics of CVD in diabetes Epigenetics in COPD and PH Biomarkers in COPD and PH