Prof. Shuangping Liu

Prof. Shuangping Liu
School of Food science and technology, Jiangnan Univerisity, China


Shuangping Liu is Assistant professor in Food science and technology ?Pro Jian Mao? team?, Jiangnan Univerisity (China). Courses on food microbiology and Chinese traditional fermentation foods.

Research Interest

Aromatic compounds like phenylethanol and phenylacetic acid are key flavors in most fermentation foods. Their biosynthesis pathway was one of the most complicate metabolic pathways in microorganisms. A phenylpyruvate derivatives producing chasis was constructed using systems level engineering in my previous study (Process Biochemistry 49 (2014) 751-757), then the metabolic pathways and regulation sites were reviewed for aromatic compounds synthesis (Metabolic Engineering 32 (2015) 55-65). A novel recycle l-phenylglycine synthetic pathway was also developed (Journal of Biotechnology 186 (2014) 91-97). Now I found that Saccharomyces cerevisiae CRWY for Chinese rice wine brewing possessed a distinct metabolic regulation mechanism in ?-phenylethanol synthetic pathway, especially the Pha2p was feedback inhibited by L-phenylalanine.