Paulo Emílio Corrêa Leite

Paulo Emílio Corrêa Leite
Researcher of National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (INMETRO)Brazil


Paulo Leite is researcher at Directory of Metrology Applied to Life Sciences – DIMAV in the National Institute of Metrology Quality and Technology – INMETRO, Brazil. He had two Postdoctoral positions: Cellular Biology at Salzburg University (Austria) and Morphological Sciences by Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). His PhD and MSc were in Neuroimmunology at Federal Fluminense University (Brazil) and Sandwich-Doctoral at Teófilo Hernando de I+D del Medicamento Institute, Autónoma de Madrid University (Spain). Paulo Leite has experience in biotechnology and nanotechnology, bioengineering, neuroimmunomodulation and cellular biology fields. Actually, Paulo Leite focus the development of research projects covering in vitro and in vivo totoxicity of nanoparticles, mechanisms involved in nanoparticle uptake and development of new technologies to be applied in therapy of inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases.

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