Nawal Helmi

Nawal Helmi
Assistant professor, Department of Biochemistry, King Abdul-Aziz University (KAAU), Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Nawal Helmi has completed B.Sc. in Biochemistry (2004) and Master degree in genetic and pharmacology (2008) from King Abdul-Aziz University (Jeddah). She has also undertaken a volunteer work at the King Abdul-Aziz University Hospital; there she saw many of sickle cell anemia patients and this contributed her decision to try to stop the suffering of the sickle cell anemia patients around the world. For that she got her PhD from University of Leicester (2014) and her dissertation was about ?The effect of perfluorocarbon therapy in Streptococcus pneumoniae-infected Sickle Cell Mouse?, during her PhD study, she received an awards ?Best 50 research in University of Leicester? for two years in row. Nawal now is Assistant professor of Biochemistry at King Abdul-Aziz University (KAAU) in Jeddah and under her supervision many students how works on projects related to hematology and respiratory diseases

Research Interest

Pneumonia, haematology diseases related to chest and cardiac and also immunology

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