Mr.Habtamu Mellie

Mr.Habtamu Mellie
Department of Public Health, College of Health Science,Debre Markos University, Ethiopia


To announce myself, I am working for about 6 years as Lecturer in Debre Markos University as head of the public health department and as staff (Masers in Epidemiology & Biostatistics). Currently I have 11 publications, 2 Accepted papers for publication and I was presenting my papers in 7 national research symposiums in different universities/organizations. I have the ability to analyze different data using different software?s like Epi-info, SPSS, STATA, open-Epi, open code and others. I was conducting cohort, case-control and cross-sectional study. I am working in 4 different country level surveys in Ethiopia such as basic emergency maternal and newborn care and comprehensive maternal and newborn care survey in Ethiopia as regional coordinator for 6 months, ESPA+ (Ethiopian service provision Assessment) survey as regional coordinator for 6 months and as supervisor for 3moths by employed in Loanadd consultancy PLC and EPHI (Ethiopian public health institution) and in maternal and child health survey as supervisor and qualitative data collector for 2months each for two times.

Research Interest

STDs, |HIV, Health service system research, maternal and child health research, communicable and non-communicable diseases.