Milad Mehdizadeh

Milad Mehdizadeh Milad Mehdizadeh
Transport Expert, Traffic Laboratory, Iran University of Science & Technology, Iran.


Dr. Mehdizadeh has been awarded Ph.D. from Iran University of Science & Technology.He has publications over 22 journals and conference papers. He is having many honours and awards like Best paper award in ICTTE 2014: the 13th International Conference on Traffic and Transportation Engineering, 2014, Tehran, Iran. 2st place, Transportation Engineering Group, Civil & Environmental Engineering Faculty, Tarbiat Modares University (TMU), 2014. Score of 20/20 from Master of science Thesis in Civil Engineering with emphasis on Transportation Planning in Tarbiat Modares university (Referees: Dr. Porzahedi & Dr. Seyed Abrishami). Best paper award in International Conference on Traffic and Transportation Engineering, 2015, Madrid.Won The Iran University of Science & Technology (IUST) Honor Students Ph.D Entrance Award, 2015. 1st place among Ph.D. students, Transportation Engineering Group, School of Civil Engineering, Iran University of Science & Technology (IUST), 2016. He is also a Member of the Editorial Board, SM PREVENTIVE MEDICINE AND PUBLIC HEALTH, Dover, DE 19904, USA, 2017-present.

Research Interest

? The Study of Travel Behaviour ? Behavioural Models ? Discrete Choice Models ? Transport & Health ? Psychology in Transportation ? Transportation Demand Analysis ? Transport & Traffic Safety ? Environment & Transportation ? Driver Behaviour ? Activity Based Model (Approach) in Transportation Planning ? Structural Equation Modelling (SEM), motivated by the book: Principles and practice of Structural Equation Modelling, 4th edition, Rex B. Kline, 2015.