Michael Trimmel

Michael Trimmel
Michael Trimme Medical University of Vienna Matura in electronics and information technology. Ph.D.Dissertation: "The learned triggering of alpha production in the EEG" Habilitation: Award of the venia docendi for ?Psychology?Faculty of Basic and Integrative Science of the University of Vienna, Austria


Dr. Michael Trimmel Medical University of Vienna Centre for Public Health ?Innovative Systems for Personalized Aircraft Cabin Environment? (iSPACE) project of the 7 th Framework of the European Union, 2009-2012. ?Ideal Cabin Environment? (ICE) projectof the 6 th Framework of the European Union, 2005- 2009. ?Elektrophysiologische Auswirkungen gepulster hochfrequenter EMF Felder?. Allgemeine Unfallversicherungsanstalt (AUVA), Vienna, 2002-2004. ?Work and Environmental Comfort in Crew and Flight attendances? HEACE project# GRD1- 2001-40118, which is part of the GROWTH project of the European Union, 2001-2004 (together with E. Groll-Knapp). ?Implementation of Behavioral Change in Waste Separation? by the University of Agriculture, 1999-2000. ?Studies on Motivation in Waste Separation? by the University of Agriculture, 1998-1999. ?On the Impact of New Technology on the Educational System? by the Ministry for Youth and Family, 1994-1995. ?Cortical Characteristics of Activation as Indicators of Load in Work Psychology and Environment Psychology? by the Ministry of Science and Research, 1993-1995 ?On the Interaction of Task Preceding Slow Brain Potentials and Event-Related Potentials? by the Ministry of Science and Research, 1989-1992. ?Applying Ergometry in Aircraft Pilot Selection? by the German Ministry of Defense, 1981- 1983 (together with G. Guttman and H. Bauer). ?Development of an Aircraft Pilot Selection Assessment? by the Austrian Ministry of Defense, 1979-1981 (together with G. Guttman and H. Bauer).?Innitzer-price?, Austria, 1990

Research Interest

General Psychology, Neuropsychology, Psychophysiology, Applied Psychophysiology, Cognitive Psychology, Motivation and Emotion, Environmental Psychology, Engineering Psychology, Human Factors, Work Psychology, Health Psychology, Research Design and Methods, Statistics