Melad Gad Paulis

Melad Gad Paulis Melad Gad Paulis
Melad Gad Paulis, Faculty of Medicine El-Minia University, Egypt


Dr Melad Paulis is a Lecturer of Forensic Science and Toxicology at Faculty of Medicine, Minia University, Egypt. After obtaining master and M.D. degree in forensic medicine and toxicology, he worked as a lecturer in the same University. The main tasks of lecturers in Minia University are teaching and research. He participated in many areas of forensic science and toxicology researches. Dr Melad is more interested in forensic research especially that concerned with estimation of postmortem interval and identifications of individuals. He recently published an interesting case report study describe a 3 children that were killed by intentional snake biting by their father.

Research Interest

Forensic Science, Toxicology