Mei-Chi Chang

Mei-Chi Chang
Professor, Department of Science and Technology, Chang Gung University, Taiwan.


Prof Mei-Chi Chang is a Professor in Chang Gung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan. She has championed issues relative to dental equity and education for over 20 years, cutting across public, non-profit and private sectors. She has successfully completed her Administrative responsibilities. Her research has included Angiogenesis, thrombosis & platelet function, Atherosclerosis & vascular biology, Oral cavity healthy & systemic diseases. Based on this research and fellowship training she has received several awards and honors, such as: Chang Gung Medical Research Award, Grant Research Award, National Science Council, TW, Dr Tai T.F wins the IADR (2006) Pulp Biology Student Research Award (as one of instructors), Reviewer, grants for National Science Council. She is serving as an editorial member of several reputed journals like Toxicology, Journal of Dental Research, World Journal of Gastrointestinal Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Austin Journal of Dentistry & expert Reviewers for journals. She has authored 75 research articles.

Research Interest

Dental Material, growth factors and chemical pharmacology/Toxicology & related mechanisms, Angiogenesis, thrombosis & platelet function, Thrombin, fibrin, platelet-rich plasma, Integrin, Carcinogenesis & cell cycle control, Free Radical Biochemistry & Pathology, Oral cavity healthy & systemic diseases, Inflammatory Reaction, cytokines and prostanoids, receptor, Signal transduction, Animal studies, Atherosclerosis & vascular biology