Mariusz Grabda

Mariusz Grabda Mariusz Grabda
Senior assistant professor, Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials (IMRAM) of Tohoku University, Sendai Japan


Dr. Mariusz Grabda is Senior assistant professor (2012-present), Research Associate (2011-2008), Post-doctoral fellow (2007-2005, 2005-2003)

Research Interest

Dr. Mariusz Grabdais especially interested in prevention of waste generation by maximal recycling/recovery of valuable fractions (organic, metallic, mineral, energy, heat) from waste (industrial, metallurgical, e-waste, municipal, agricultural, sewage sludge, etc.) in processes having minimal impact on environment (?green processing?). Since wastes have different origin, different chemical composition, and thus recovery/recycling potentials, my research interests are strongly inter- and trans disciplinary, and involve aspects of Environmental Engineering, Chemistry, Computational Science, Environmental Sciences, Protection of Natural Environment and Mineral Resources, and Agriculture.