Lyochkova-Mihaylova Mariana Ivanova

Lyochkova-Mihaylova Mariana Ivanova
Associate Professor, University - Medical University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.


Expert meetings of lecturers in ethics ? UNESCO, Croatia, 2005. Won competition project of the Ministry of Education and Science on the problems of primary health aid, completed in 2002 Specialist in Health Promotion at WTO, Cologne, Germany, 1995-1998 Specialized course in Health Epidemiology and General Medicine in Rotterdam, Netherlands, 1994 Acquisition of the title Associated Professor ? 1995 Acquisition of the title Doctor of Medicine ? 1978 Chief Assistant in the Department of Social Medicine ? 1979 Specialty in Social Medicine and Organization of Health Protection; Doctor of Medicine ? 1978 Research associate II-nd degree ? 1975 Research associate III-rd degree ? 1972, Department of Social Medicine ? Higher Medical Institute - Plovdiv

Research Interest

Public Health