Jong-Ha Choi

Jong-Ha Choi
Professor, Department of Chemistry, Andong National University, Andong 760-749, South Korea


Jong-Ha Choi obtained his PhD degree (1987) in Physical Inorganic Chemistry from the Kyungpook National University, Korea. He joined the faculty of Department of Chemistry, Andong National University in 1989 as an assistant professor and became a professor in 1998. He did postdoctoral work at North Dakota State University with Professor P. E. Hoggard (1990-92). He was a visiting professor at Newcastle University working with Professor W. Clegg (2005-06). His research interests including the development of new antiviral drug and stem cell mobilizer are in syntheses, crystal structures, spectroscopic properties and ligand field analysis of transitional metal complexes.

Research Interest

Physical and Inorganic Chemistry, Emission, Excitation, Infrared and Absorption Spectroscopy of Inorganic Materials, Ligand Field Analysis of d-d Transitions in Transition Metal Complexes, Photophysics and Photochemistry of Coordination Compounds. Development of New Solid State Laser Materials, X-ray Crystal Structure of Coordination Compounds, Optical Properties of Nano Particles, Diagnosis and Treatment of Disease by Spectroscopic Methods.