Joana Carvalho dos Santos

Joana Carvalho dos Santos Joana Carvalho dos Santos
Adjunct Professor, Department of Environmental Health, School of Health, Polytechnic Institute of Porto (ESS.PPorto)


Joana Santos has a degree in Environmental Health, a MSc in Occupational Safety and Hygiene Engineering and a PhD in Occupational Safety and Health from the Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto. In 2009, she joined the Environmental Health department from the School of Health of Polytechnic Institute of Porto (ESS.PPorto), where she is an Adjunct Professor. She has been developing scientific research in the domain of Ergonomics, Environmental and Occupational Health and Occupational Safety and Hygiene at the Research Centre on Environment and Health (CISA) and at the Activity and Human Movement Study Center (CEMAH), both from ESS.PPorto. She has been team member and principal investigator in several research projects, and published several papers in the domain of Human Factors and Ergonomics, Safety and Occupational Hygiene and Environmental and Occupational Health.

Research Interest

Introduction to Environmental Health; Occupational Health; Environmental and Occupational Safety; Ergonomics and Work Physiology; Occupational Hygiene; Occupational Risk Assessment; HSEQ Management Systems; Road Safety; Applied Microbiology; Indoor Air Quality; Research Methods.