Jean-Marc Girault

Jean-Marc Girault Jean-Marc Girault
Responsible for medical imaging at the University of Tours,France


Jean-Marc Girault received his master’s degree (University of Angers, 1996, France), his Ph.D. degree (University of Tours, 1999, France), and his Qualification for Research Supervision (University of Tours, 2010, France) in signal processing in medical imaging. He has been at the University of Tours since 2001. His principle results achieved were in nonlinear signal analysis (complexity analysis with recurrence, entropies, symmetries, and multifractals) and processing (modeling and identification) and in ultrasound imaging. Most important findings were in optimal command (deterministic and stochastic) and blind deconvolution in ultrasound imaging, in sub-ultra-harmonics modeling and identification and in Doppler detectors and estimators (rhythm, velocity, and energy) applied for the studies involving microemboli and distressed foetus. He has written more than 90 scientific communications on medical ultrasound imaging and signal processing. Since 2005, he has been responsible for the masters degree in medical imaging at the University of Tours.

Research Interest

signal processing, medical imaging,