Inmnauel Jimenez

Inmnauel Jimenez
Director at Santa Paula cardiopulmonary rehabilitation center, Santa Paula Clinic, Costa Rica


Within his academic training, he is a RRT-Respiratory Therapist graduated from Santa Paula University, and holds a master's degree in integral health and human movement / emphasis in graduate health at the National University of Costa Rica, in addition to completing the course of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation phase II in The National University of Costa Rica, and performed the certification of pediatric and neonatal critical air transport of the Asturian association of pediatric intensive care. He works in the Costa Rican social insurance fund from 2000 to the present, in 2005 until 2008 he worked as an assistant in clinical research at the ICIC (Costa Rican institute of clinical research), during this same period also work in A home care home care program for patients with respiratory diseases from 2013 to 2016 was coordinator of the CIDERAN cardiopulmonary rehabilitation center at the Adolfo Carit Eva Women's Hospital and from 2015 to date The director of the Santa Paula cardiopulmonary rehabilitation center at Santa Paula Clinic. In January 2017 until March 2017, I work in the San Juan de Dios hospital, performing in the unit of critical respiratory care.

Research Interest

chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Cardiorespiratory Care, Nursing care in the neonatal patient with high frequency oscillation and nitric oxide.