Ibrahim Alghoraibi

Ibrahim Alghoraibi Ibrahim Alghoraibi
Baramkeh, Damascus university, Syria


Dr. Ibrahim Alghoraibi, Physics Assistant Professor in Damascus University and his research activity is focused on Nanotechnology, technology of nano-semiconductor laser and application of nanotechnology in medicine, pharmacy and dentistry. He is the leader of the Nanotechnology activity of the Physics Department/ Damascus University. An author and a co-author of about 24 papers in several international journals and he is a participate in about 40 international conferences.

Research Interest

Nanomaterial, thin films deposition and characterization, Electrical, magnetic and optical properties of nano thin films, Industrial application of thin film coatings. Surface studies using different techniques like Auger , XPS electron spectroscopies, Low electron energy diffraction, Surface roughness study using Atomic force Microscopy and optical methods like UV, PL, EL....etc Study and fabrication of gas sensors based on metal oxides, porous silicon and carbon nanostructures and hybrids. Fabrication of solar cells based on CdS/CdTe , CuInSe2/CdS/ZnO Nano particles formation using pulse laser ablation and arc discharge method. Nanofibre formation using electrospinning technique Electrospun fibers and composites for tissue engineering applications, Micro-Ultra-Nano-RO-Filtration and Purification of water. Polymer fibers for multifunctional applications. Self-cleaning, superhydrophobic and superhydrophilic materials Quantum dots elaboration using Epitaxy. Sol-Gel, Wet chemistry and chemical bath (solution) deposition. Hydrodynamic characterisation of expanded bed and purification of NanoBioproducts by fluidised bed adsorption. Nano Material & Devices: Nanosensors, CNT.