Gbandjaba Nagba Yendoubé

Gbandjaba Nagba Yendoubé
Faculté des Sciences, Université de Lomé, Togo


Gbandjaba Nagba Yendoubé has completed his PhD in Biochemistry from Hassan II­University­ Casablanca Morocco in 2013. He is the 2e Vice President, Responsible for Communication in LabCOSNat (Laboratoire de Chimie Organique et des Substances Naturelles), Lome University, Togo. As a student, he develops a good collaboration with Sherbrooke University, Research Centre on Ageing, Sherbrooke (Qc), Canada and the International Pasteur Institute of Morocco. In 2009, he won a grant from the IRSC to accomplish his Doctoral thesis in the Research Centre on Ageing. Dr. Gbandjaba is also called the whistle blower. His research focuses on the development of oxidative stress biomarkers involved in cardiovascular diseases related to successful ageing. Dr. Gbandjaba has published more than 54 papers in reputed journals, has been serving as an editorial board member in reputed journals and having won PASRES Prize in 2016.

Research Interest

Nephrology,Dialysis, Transplant.