Francesco Bedogni

Francesco Bedogni
Professor, Heart Surgery School University of Milan, Italy


1993 1993 1993 1992 1991 1989 1988-1990 1987 1984 1980 Haemodynamics laboratory of Sequoia Hospital of Redwook City ( California) Haemodynamics laboratory of Scripps Clinic of la Jolla S. Diego ? Trainee Haemodynamics laboratory of Maimonides Medical Centre ? New York ? Angioplasty and directional aterectomy St. Andrè Hospital- Bordeaux- Trainee at the laboratory of Electrofisiology, to practice with the technique of ablation with radio-frequences. Milwakee Heart and vascular Clinic- St. Luke?s Hospital- Winsconsin (USA)- Trainee Pasteur Clinic of Toulouse - Unity of Interventional Cardiology Haemodynamic Cardio thoracic Montecarlo- Internee Haemodynamics laboratory- C.H.U. Rangueil Tolouse University of Padova ? Post graduate degree in Cardiology University of Padova ? Degree in Medicine

Research Interest

Teaching hospitals in developing countries: 1. May 2002, University of Beijing (China) to carotid Stenting 2. September 2004; from 28th October ? to 6th November 2006; from 26th August ? to 31th August 2007 hospytal Al Tawra SanĂ  (Yemen) to coronary revasculations 3. June 2005 Zayed Military Hospital Abu Dhabi (Emirati Arabi) to carotid Stenting 4. October 2005 Theran University to carotid Stenting 5. November 2012 Shisong Camerun to coronaries angiographies 6. June 2014 University of Dakar Senegal to coronary revasculations

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