El Rasheed Ahmed Salim Khierallah

El Rasheed Ahmed Salim Khierallah
Processing Section, Food Industries Department, Industrial Research and Consultancy (IRCC), Ministry of Industry, Sudan.


B.Sc., M.Sc and Ph.D in University of Khartoum, Sudan. The field of specialization aromatic and Medicinal Plant Production, Phytochemistry, Post harvest quality and processing. Fields of researches and experiences: Also works in foods and food additives, total quality management, HACCPs, colours, flavors, cereals, mangoes juices manufacturing, analysis and processing, microbiology of aromatic and medicinal plants, application of aromatic plants in foods and perfumes, chemical screening of medicinal plants, histology of aromatic seeds and herbs, fruits, vegetables, ornamentals. Editorial Board member: In the editorial board of Agricultural Research and Technology Journal. Reviewer for journals: I reviewed many articles for many students and research in Sudanese universities and research institutes, and reviewed many topics in international journals such as: 1- 1- Journal of Applied Biotechnology & Bioengineering. 2- 2- American Journal of Phytomedicine Medicine and Clinical Therapeutics 3- British Biomedical Bulletin Publications: 1. Two innovations, 2. Two published books 3. 32 published papers 4. other under publishing papers and books. 5. Writer of topics in many Sudanese daily news papers

Research Interest

Aromatic and Medicinal Plant Production, Phytochemistry, Post harvest quality and processing