Dusan Vesovic

Dusan Vesovic
Institute of Occupational Health, Clinical Center of Serbia, Deligradska, Belgrade, Yugoslavia


* Medical doctor Center for Integrative Procedures and Supplements ?Dr Dunji??, Belgrade (drdunjic.rs) 2016 nowadays. * Director and Occupational Medicine physician Health Care Center BEL MEDIC, (www.belmedic.rs) 2012-2014. * Assistant Director Private clinical-hospital center ?BEOGRADSKI? 2010-2011.

Research Interest

* Worked on doctoral degree thesis in Medicine (D.Sc.): OXYGEN CONSUMPTION, ACID BASE BALANCE AND BIOCHEMICAL PARAMETERS DURING ERGOMETRY WITH MAXIMAL PHYSICAL WORKLOAD (Ph.D. is focused, mainly, on oxygen consumption, biochemical changes, acid base balance, and appearance of oxidative stress while maximal physical workload was implemented; the study group consisted of young, male soccer players submitted to maximal workload on bicycle-ergometer; oxidative stress was estimated by antioxidant enzymes activity and through index of muscle cell membrane damage - plasma creatine kinase activity; three antioxidant enzymes were followed: superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase, glutathione reductase, and total antioxidant status of plasma as well. The study revealed significant changes in antioxidant enzymes activity. To date, one paper came out from this part of dissertation and is published in Italian journal ?La Medicina del Lavoro?, 2002. There are also other parameters being observed during the research such are blood glucose level, lactate, 2,3-diphosphoglycerate and pyruvate production, glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase, and lactate dehydrogenase activity, and calcium and magnesium blood level). * Enrolled in the research study funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Government of Republic of Serbia; title of the research: ?Nutrition, Physical activity, Physiological Parameters and Disease Prevalence in Three Different Work-Settings?; study started in 2002 and will last for three years. It is collaborative study with Prof. Phyllis Bowen from the Department of Nutrition, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA. * Worked on Master degree thesis in Medicine (M.Sc.): CORRELATION BETWEEN OXYGEN CONSUMPTION DURING THE TESTS ON TREADMILL AND BICYCLE-ERGOMETAR IN PHYSICAL WORK CAPACITY ASSESSMENT (The research was focused on the oxygen consumption, biochemical parameters, and acid base balance during ergometry while the workload of the same, submaximal intensity was implemented both on treadmill and the bicycle-ergometer; significantly higher values of lactate, pyruvate, 2,3-diphosphoglycerate and lactate dehydrogenase enzyme activity during the cycling test were found. All changes observed are attributed to higher production, lower re-uptake and hampered blood circulation in the working muscles during bicycle exercise; also, different patterns of recruitment of muscle groups during treadmill and bicycle exercise are considered as the possible reason for such trend of changes. One paper from Masters is published in Italian Journal "La Medicina del Lavoro", 2001).