Dr. Zhao Jiuran

Dr. Zhao Jiuran
Principal expert of Beijing agriculture breeding innovation platform of maize and Director of Maize Research Center, BAAFS.


Zhao Jiuran is a Director of Maize Research Center, BAAFS. He has done his PhD in crop genetic breeding from China Agricultural University.Achievements: More than thirty national projects have been completed, such as national 973,863,948 programs, selection and breeding of excellent quality and high yield elite inbreds program, industrialization program of maize seeds of Beijing program, research of new method to select maize high heterosis combination program. More than sixty elite maize varieties selected and approved by national or provincial variety committee, such as Jingke 968, Jingke 25, Jingkenuo 2000. These varieties meet the needs of production have elite agronomic characters and seed quality, and their extension area is more than ten million acre. It create significant economic and social benefits. Standard DNA fingerprinting database including more than 14000 maize varieties has been constructed, and DNA fingerprinting profiles technology has been developed and widely used in maize varieties test, varietal genuineness and purity can be tested accurately and quickly by the technology. The project achieved international advanced level , it obtained two national patents, and it also has a positive effect in agricultural production. He has been awarded with National award for science and technology progress (1st grade),National award for science and technology progress (2nd grade),Beijing award for science and technology progress (1st grade)and Beijing award for science and technology progress (2nd grade, four times).

Research Interest

1. Innovation of maize germplasm, selection and breeding of new varieties. 2. Identification of cultivar genuineness of maize by molecular marker.