Dr. Vincenza Ilardi

Dr. Vincenza Ilardi Dr. Vincenza Ilardi
Department of Agriculture, Centro di Ricerca Difesa e Certificazione, Rome


Dr Vincenza Ilardi is a senior researcher at Plant Pathology Research Centre of the Agricultural Research Council (CRA-PAV), Rome, Italy. She graduated cum laude in Biological Sciences at the University of Rome ?La Sapienza? with a thesis in molecular biology. After a postdoctoral fellowship at the National Institute for Nutrition she obtained a researcher position at the Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry. Since 1992 she works at CRA-PAV. She has experiences in molecular plant virology, transgenic plants production and risk assessment for GM plants. She has received national and international founding for her research. She has published in several international peer-reviewed journals. She is in the editorial board of ?GM crops? (Landes Bioscience) and ?Petria? (CRA). Since 1996 she is a member of the working group ?Biotechnology? of the National Italian Committee for ?Codex Alimentarius?. She is an expert for ISPRA for GMOs. She was a professor for the post-degree course ?An Introduction to the Risk Analysis of Current Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and their Products, and to Possible Issues Raised by Novel GMOs in the Future organized by ?International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology? (ICGEB).

Research Interest

Risk assessment for genetically modified plants (transgene flow); , Diagnosis and characterisation of plant virus; production of transgenic plants resistant to viruses; Induction of virus resistance in plant.