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Thirumananseri Kumarevel

Thirumananseri Kumarevel Thirumananseri Kumarevel
RIKEN Structural Biology Laboratory Yokohama Institute,Yokohama City, Japan


I born and brought up from southern part of India, Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu. I completed my school education in my home down and graduated from University of madras, India in 2000. I was started working as postdoctoral fellow at AIST, Japan as soon as I submitted my thesis work and continued till got the tenured position in April 2005. From 2005 onwards I am working for RIKEN as a Research Scientist and in 2008 promoted as Senior Scientist.

Research Interest

Our laboratory is interested in the structure and function of the macromolecules, specifically transcription-related molecules (proteinnucleic acid interactions) which includes RNA/DNA binding proteins, RNA polymerase and eukaryotic chromatins. In our lab, we use X-ray crystallographic techniques to investigate the structures of macromolecules involved in gene transcription. We also use biophysical and biochemical methods to understand structure-function relationships. Currently, our focus of the lab is to understand the structural and functional analysis of archaeal and eukaryotic RNA polymerase through X-rays / Cryo-EM.