Dr Shamsaldeen Yousif

Dr Shamsaldeen Yousif
Senior Research Associate, University of Bristol, United Kingdom.


I have been living in the UK since January/2011 when I started my MSc in pharmacology at the University of Hertfordshire, followed by a PhD in pharmacology, toxicology and pharmacy in 2016, and a full-time job as a research associate at the University of Bath in December 2016, and currently working as a senior research associate at the University of Bristol. Throughout my career I showed my reviewing skills through assessing exam papers, viva exams, reviewing research papers and conferences abstracts. My interest in this position at your journal stems from my experience in the field of blood and cardiovascular research.

Research Interest

Scientific research papers and abstracts reviewing ? Statistical data analysis: GraphPad prism and SPSS ? Lecturing, exams marking and students supervising ? Linguistic skills: fluent English and Arabic ? Patch-clamping ? Confocal microscopy; immunocytochemistry ? ELISA ? Isolating primary cells; endothelial cells and vascular smooth muscle cells ? SDS-PAGE Western blotting ? Griess assay and BCA assay ? Calcium imaging (Fura-2 and ethidium bromide) ? Flow cytometry ? Animal modelling ? Tissue pharmacology; organ bath and myography ? Working with hypoxic chamber facility ? Stem cells culturing and differentiation ? Enthusiastic toward research and academia ? Academic and scientific writing