Dr. Rayda BEN AYED

Dr. Rayda BEN AYED Dr. Rayda BEN AYED
Researcher,University of Sfax-Tunisia


Rayda BEN AYED is a doctor in Biological Sciences (Biostatistic/Bioinformatics (Application to agro-alimentary domain (olive oil)). She was born on October 2, 1982, in Sfax, Tunisia. She received her Master?s degree in cellular and molecular biology at Sfax University. In September 2008, she started her PhD at Sfax University, where she studied the authenticity, traceability and labeling of olive oil using multidisciplinary innovative system based on molecular biology, genetics and computational biology. During this period, she presented her work at several national and international conferences. Titular of project management of the innovative project from scientific research certificate. Since 2013 is a Post doctoral researcher. Teaching courses of data analysis, bioinformatics, traceability, Molecular biology, plant genetics, analytical and metabolic biochemistry. To date, she is co-author of more than 25 research articles, which appeared on international scientific journals. She designed the first web site for the major olive oil variety characteristics originated from worldwide and especially from the Mediterranean area and she developed a simple script to study the traceability of olive oil and to identify the unknown sample by using the same web site. She has been on the receiving end of numerous grants and awards.

Research Interest

Plant genetics, Molecular biology, Genetics, computational biology, phylogeny, data analysis, database