Dr. Nidhi Rawat

Dr. Nidhi Rawat
Professor, Gulf Coast Research and Education Center, University of Florida, Wimauma, USA.


Dr. Nidhi Rawat is 10 years of combined applied research experience in Molecular Plant Biology, Plant Genetics and Biotechnology. Conducted 27 greenhouse trials during Ph.D. and Postdoctoral research. Research experience in different field; (human, insect and plants) worked for hypertension lab and coronary heart disease in human for MS thesis, silkworm ecorace identification during research fellow and plant-pathogen interaction during Ph.D. Certified hands on experience in isolating novel EST-SSR from the unknown varieties, Real Time PCR experiments and proteomics studies like MALDI-TOF and iTRAQ. Skilled in plant-insect interaction at molecular level, good with proteomics and transcriptomics studies through planning new experiments, sampling, Real Time PCR and statistical analysis. Published 7 peer reviewed journal articles (5 articles as first author and one article as second author) , 6 conference proceedings/abstracts, 3 NCBI gene submission contribution and 2 theses. Extensively used high throughout sequencing technology like microarray and SSH cDNA library screening for identification of candidate genes and Molecular markers such as SSR and EST-SSR for pathogen race identification. Mentored lab assistants and graduate students for their MS Project and thesis.

Research Interest

Molecular Biology Bioinformatics R programming Data Scientist ClustralW