Dr. Narayanan Balaji

Dr. Narayanan Balaji
Hartford HospitalIOL, Hartford, CT


? Responsible for developing techniques for processing, analyzing EEG and ERP time series/signals and extracting physiological featuresiomarkers characterizing brain function for conducting statistical data analysis (univariate and multivariate statistical modeling) with large scale genetic data and cognitive markers for clinical studies. ? Identified (predicted) genetic risk markers of SZ and bipolar disorder disease outcome by modeling SNP variants with resting EEG spectral profile, fractals and P300 ERP activity through linear and logistic regression, multivariate independent component analysis (ICA) and multimodal data fusion methods. Conducted pathway-enrichment analysis on the multifactorial genes mediating quantitative biological measures to identify disease mechanisms. ? Implementation of EEG time series artifact denoising techniques using ICA, PCA and non-linear measures. ? Contributed to the development of data processing pipeline and analysis software for neurophysiological, neuroimaging and high dimensional genetic data. ? Developed software for automatic parsing and extraction of data from behavioral task based experiments. ? Proposed and developed evolutionary multiobjective parallel ICA for random search of SNP cluster (feature identification) associated with EEG biomarkers. ? Lead investigator for processing and analyzing high density (64 channel) electrophysiology (EEG/ERP) recordings to extract quantitative features and relating these to one million SNP markers from 3000-person cohort for studying brain function in large scale Bipolar & Schizophrenia Network on Intermediate Phenotypes (BSNIP) and 500+ subjects in Brain and Alcohol research with college students (BARCS) projects. ? Conducted logistic regression and multivariate statistics based genetic association analyses in Alzheimer?s population with quantitative structural imaging metrics from ADNI database. ? Developed a signal processing solution for identifying adverse signal drop out events in continuous temperature sensor measurements for studying the influence of ambient temperature on the performance of glucose sensors. ? Introduced non-linear dynamics based fractal measure in ERPs for testing effects of drug memantine in clinical trials.

Research Interest

Researcher with interest and expertise in identifying quantitative EEG and imaging derived physiological traits, biomarkers and associated genetic risk markers to address clinical and translational research questions in neuroscience and neuropsychiatry