Dr. Mohamed El-Mesery

Dr. Mohamed El-Mesery
Biochemistry department,Mansoura University,Egypt


I am lecturer of biochemistry, faculty of Pharmacy, Mansoura University. I was a DAAD scholarship holder and I got m PhD degree from Wuerzburg University, Germany in life science. Therefore, I was promoted to be a lecturer in biochemistry department (starting from 27/10/2014) and I now teach and follow up research in the following areas: 1- Clinical biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology and clinical diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of human diseases such as cancer, hepatitis, renal failure and diabetes which are the major diseases in Egypt. 2- Screening and development of novel safe drugs for different human diseases such as cancer, hepatitis, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. 3- Study the molecular mechanisms of novel treatment strategies for different human diseases. ?In addition to teaching duties, I have also research duties such as supervising postgraduate students in the faculty of pharmacy including diploma, master and PhD students who have research projects in the previously mentioned areas. ? My PhD thesis was in the field of cancer molecular biology and development of new anticancer fusion proteins targeting only cancer cells and stimulate immune system which was proved by his strong publications (IF 5,177): 1- CD70-restricted specific activation of TRAILR1 or TRAILR2 using scFv-targeted TRAIL mutants. 2- CD40-directed scFv-TRAIL fusion proteins induce CD40-restricted tumor cell death and activate dendritic cells.

Research Interest

Cell culture, whole animal experiments, ELISA, colorimetry, FACS, Electrophoresis, Western Blotting, Genetic engineering and design of plasmids, cloning and extraction of plasmids, production and purification of recombinant proteins, Gaussia Luciferase assay, light microscopy, PCR.