Dr. Mamdouh Ibrahim Nassar

Dr. Mamdouh Ibrahim Nassar
Professor Bioinformatics, Bee Venom Therapy, Biological and Toxicological Sciences, Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Egypt.


Professor Mamdouh Nassar was born Cairo. He graduated a bachelor?s degree from Biology (Zoology, Botany, and toxicology) Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University. Receive his M.Sc. degree in from the same University. Ph.D degree (Channel system) between University of Maryland College Park (USA) and Cairo University. He spent many studies for field of sleeping sickness and Malaria diseases of vectors Stomoxys calcitrans and Anopheles in USDA Florida , Jazan and Jeda. Staff member program (Visitor exchange), University of Maryland College Park, USA He is Professor of Biological Sciences at Cairo University, King Abd-Alziz, Univ. Jazan, and King Khalid Universities. Mamdouh Nassar was worked at laboratory staff, for dietary Microbiology at Environmental system service, Beltsville, USA. He also was consultant advisor at home care Company and Al-Nasr chemicals Company. Nassar is an energetic, motivating and consultant specializing in Biological science, corporate training programs and motivational learning techniques and binformatics. He was promoted to associate professor and full professor and appointed acting director of community affairs and Environment service, at Abha and Jazan City, Saudi Arabia. He appointed acting Dean Faculty of Science, Cairo University and appointed Vice Dean of postgraduate studies & Researches from 2013 to 2017. He is Author of 10 Biological Scientific books published at German Share House Lambert 2015, Introduction to invertebrates AlHandasa publisher, Jazan University, Book College of Entomology Alfagala publisher and Book of General Biology. He is currently colleagues, editorial board and evaluator of many specialty scientific Journal in USA, India, South Africa and Bulgaria, Saudi and Iraq. He indexed in Scopus, Google scholar and Researchgate citation and h-index. He spent many times through project to study control of malaria diseases vectors with Collegian in Jazan and Jedah region of King Saudi Arabia. He supervised many of graduate M.Sc. and Ph.D. Thesis of many Countries. Author and Editorial Board for many peer-review manuscripts, around world Scientific Publishers. Mamdouh Nassar has received several honors and awards from many Universities, Institute and Embassies

Research Interest

Isolation and identification natural bioactive compounds. Biosafety and chemical hazards.