Dr. Kuldip Singh Ahi

Dr. Kuldip Singh Ahi
Associate Professor of Surgery, Breast oncology, Surgical unit Head, India.


I Dr Kuldip Singh Ahi was born in very poor and very humble family in small village named BADRUKHAN District Sangrur in state Punjab in India. I studied up to 10th class at my native village. I completed my prep medical and premedical i.e. up to 12th standard at Ranvir College Sangrur. Being born in a very poor family i used to do labour in the fields of some landlords even worked as a bounded labour but because of those hardships i never gave for the sake of education. Up to 12th standard i.e. before joining M.B.B.S i used to study under kerosene lamp in my home. My father who served in British Indian army in World War II and had to leave after few years. We are six brothers and sisters. Only guiding light in my life is the biography of Ibrahim Lincoln, Elbert Einstein and Dr Ambedkar .

Research Interest

1. Gastroenterology surgery and gastric diseases. 2. Laparoscopic surgery 3. Surgical oncology breast. 4. Practicing in laparoscopic surgery since 1999.


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