Dr. Kamal M. Matar

Dr. Kamal M. Matar
Associate Professor,Faculty of Pharmacy,Department Of Pharmacology and Therapeutics,Kuwait University.


Dr. Kamal Matar obtained his BPharm (Hons) from King Saud University (Saudi Arabia) in 1982. He completed his PhD (Pharmacokinetics) at Cardiff University, School of Pharmacy (Wales, UK) in 2000.At present Dr. Kamal Matar is an Associate Professor and Chairman of the Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics. He is also a director of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring & Clinical Toxicology (TDM&CT) Unit, Faculty of Medicine, Kuwait University.

Research Interest

Development and validation of analytical methods (HPLC; LC-MS/MS) for drugs in biological fluids. Pharmacokinetic studies. Bioavailability/bioequivalence studies. Therapeutic drug monitoring and population pharmacokinetics.