Dr. Jitendra Kumar

Dr. Jitendra Kumar Dr. Jitendra Kumar
Assistant professor DBT-PU-IPLS programme Department of Biotechnology/Botany Microbial and Molecular Genetics lab, Patna University, Ashok Rajpath –800005 Bihar, India


TECHNICAL EXPERTISE Molecular biology: Isolation of genomic DNA, plasmid DNA and RNA, polymerase chain reaction, gene cloning, Restriction-digestion analysis of DNA, site directed mutagenesis, transformation of bacterial cells, preparation of competent cells, electrophoresis analysis of DNA and RNA, quantification of gene expression using RT-PCR, ELISA, antibody staining and western blotting Cell culture techniques: Isolating and maintenance of primary cell culture and cell lines. Isolation and culture of spermatogonial stem cells from mouse testis Protein biochemistry and biophysical Techniques: Purification of proteins from E. Coli bacteria , chromatography (Size, affinity, ion exchange), HPLC, gel electrophoresis, CD, UV and fluorescence spectroscopy, Liposome preparation using different phospholipids and testing of its binding affinity with proteins Genetices: C.elegans genetics, mapping of genes, generation of transgenic lines using gene gun and microinjection C.elegans behaviors: Lifespan assay, locomotion assay, brood size assay , memory assay, chemotaxis assay Microscopy: Fluorescence, ApoTome, confocal microscope Bioinformatics tools: Analysis of DNA and protein sequences, examination of protein structure from protein database PDB, Modeling of unknown protein structure

Research Interest

Translational research of age-related diseases, such as diabetes and neurodegenerative disease, using various kinds of drug and natural herbal materials