Dr. Hua-chuan Zheng

Dr. Hua-chuan Zheng
Professor, Cancer Research Center, Laboratory Animal Center, The Key Laboratory of Brain and Spinal Injury of Liaoning Province, Laboratory Animal Center, The First Affiliated Hospital of Liaoning Medical University, China.


Hua-chuan Zheng graduated from Faculty of Library and Bioinformatics, China Medical University in 1999 and have been studying his master and doctor courses oncopatholgy in Cancer Institute of China Medical University. To break the limitation of pathomorphological approaches, he came to Japan and began to study molecular biology. After good at the biochemical methods, he returned to the oncological field.

Research Interest

His interests included the establishment of spontaneous tumors of transgenic and conditional knockout mice, molecular mechanisms of tumorigenesis and progression of malignant tumor cells, early diagnosis and target therapy of malignancies. Until now, About 130 papers have been published and 10 grants achieved, including 2 natural science foundation of China.