Dr. Ao Li

Dr. Ao Li
Visiting Associate Professor,Department of Pharmacology ,Yale University School of Medicine,USA.


EDUCATION: 2008.9-2013.7: Peking Union Medical College, Tsinghua University, Beijing, P.R. China. Ph.D., Genetics, Advisor: Dr. Guanqing Wu 2011.6-2012.6: Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN. Joint Ph.D. Student supported by China Scholarship Council 2004.9-2008.7: Beijing Normal University, Beijing, P.R. China. B.S., Biotechnology. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 2016.12-Present Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology, Yale University School of Medicine 2013.8-2016.11 Assistant Professor, Division of Translational Cancer Research and Therapy, Cancer Institute and Cancer Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences

Research Interest

1. Molecular Biology: Nucleic acid extraction from tissue, cell Genomic PCR, RT-PCR, cloning full length genes by PCR Gene cloning and expression in E. coli and Yeast system Southern hybridization, northern hybridization, Colony and In situ hybridization Design of PCR primers, DNA arrays and analysis of DNA sequence Site directed mutagenesis Yeast two-hybrid assay Generation of knockin, konckout and transgenic construct 2. Bio Chemistry: Fusion protein design, expression, proteolytic cleavage and purification Electrophoresis, western blotting, immunoprecipitation and pull down 3. Cell biology: Cell culture Primary Cell culture 3D Culture Transfection RNAi (with siRNA, shRNA, and lentivirus) Production of polyclonal antibody in Rabbit Production of monoclonal antibody in Mouse 4. Immunology: Immunohistochemistry techniques Immunofluorescence techniques Purification of polyclonal antibody ELISA 5. Animal experiment: Animal anesthesia Intravenous