Dr. Andrew Medford

Dr. Andrew Medford
Consultant and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Thoracic Medicine at North Bristol Lung Centre, United Kingdom


Dr. Dr. Andrew Medford is a Consultant and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Thoracic Medicine & Interventional Pulmonology at North Bristol Lung Centre. Clinical lead for tertiary EBUS service and advanced diagnostic bronchoscopy service. Clinical interests: mediastinal disease, advanced diagnostic bronchoscopy, interventional bronchoscopy, pleural disease, clinical coding, health economics and medical education. Research interests: EBUS, bronchoscopy, clinical coding, medical education. Collaborative research interests: pleural disease, VEGF lung biology. Post-CCT fellowship in Interventional Pulmonology, Glenfield Hospital. Level 2 training and postgraduate training in thoracic/Endobronchial ultrasound. Previous research MD on the role of VEGF in acute injury, University of Bristol/Edinburgh; additional research in sepsis, interstitial lung disease. Previous neuroscience research: NMDA receptor role in ocular dominance column plasticity, University of Edinburgh; BDNF rat stereotactic transplantation in PD, University of Lund. Diploma in Clinical Risk Management.

Research Interest

EBUS, bronchoscopy, clinical coding, medical education


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