Dr. Alexander Stepanovich Lukatkin

Dr. Alexander Stepanovich Lukatkin
Department Head, Botany and Plant Physiology, Mordovian State University, Russia


Dr. Alexander Stepanovich Lukatkin is currently the department head of Botany and plant physiology in Mordovian State University, Russia. Dr. Lukatkin is member of Russian Botany Soc., Fed. European Plant Physiologists (Biologists) Soc., Russian Biotechnologists Soc., Russian Soc. Plant Physiologists. Dr. Lukatkin`s achievements include patents in field; research in Plant stress reactions include chilling, heavy metals and oxidative stress; Heavy metal's accumulation in plants and its physiological effects; Plant growth regulators use for enhance of plant resistance; plant and tissue culture in vitro. Avocations: horticulturist, philatelist. Dr. Lukatkin has published more than 40 peer-reviewed article. Dr. Lukatkin Serves in editorial board for a number of journals and committees.

Research Interest

Botany, Physiology and Ecology of Plants,