Dr.Sahar Younes Ibrahim Issa

Dr.Sahar Younes Ibrahim Issa
Forensic Medicine,Alexandria University, Egypt


Dr Sahar Issa has completed her Doctorate degree in Clinical Toxicology & Forensic Medicine in 2008, from Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, Egypt and is a Lecturer of Clinical Toxicology & Forensic Medicine in the same University. She is currently the director of Medical section, Supervising Emergency toxicology, Molecular Toxicology, & Therapeutic Drug Monitoring units in Dammam Poison Control Center, MOH - Saudi Arabia. She has published more than 50 papers in reputed journals and serving as an editorial board member and reviewer to many journals of repute.

Research Interest

? Diagnosis and, Treatment of Food or Drug Intoxicated patients. ? Diagnosis and Treatment of different types of Occupational Toxicities, and Pesticide Toxicities. ? Diagnosis and Treatment of different types of Drug Addiction. ? PCR, Gel Electrophoresis, Chromatography, DNA Finger-Printing. ? Performance of Gastric lavage, Gut decontamination, Application of Venous Cannulae, Central Venous Catheters, & Arterial Cannulae. ? Insertion of Chest tubes, and Endo- tracheal tubes. ? Intra Osseous line application, peritoneal lavage, & ICP Monitoring Techniques. ? Autopsy Performance and Identification of different causes of death in Medicolegal cases, identification of the time elapsed since death, taking different types of specimens; both for pathological as well as Toxicological analysis. ? Identification of the different weapons used in different types of crimes. ? Identification of different types of wound and assessment of degree of Infirmity if any. ? Teaching to and evaluating doctors in Saudi Board for Forensic Medicine, since 2013, till now. ? Assessing Medical responsibilities and different types of Medical Malpractice. ? Diagnosis & Assessment of Sexual Assaults. ? IT Skills: Mastering word, excel, power point and, Front Page. ? Statistical Skills: work very well with SPS