Dr.Li Zhushi

Dr.Li Zhushi
Associate Professor.


Li Zhushi, graduated from Peking Union Medical College, Tsinghua University and got the Ph. D degree. During the doctorate period, mainly focused on the mechanism exploration of medicine-induced apoptosis of leukemia cells. Since graduated, have been working for Sichuan Yuanda Shuyang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd and Chengdu Institute of Biological Products. Hold the professional title of associate professor. Got years of experience in the field of virology and development of novel human use vaccines, such as tetravalent Japanese encephalitis/Dengue recombinant vaccine, measles virus-based vaccines, human diploid cell rabies vaccine, EV71 inactivated vaccine and measles/Japanese encephalitis combined attenuated live vaccine. Have also did some fundamental research of Japanese encephalitis virus and Dengue virus and illuminated the key factors in the process of virus attenuation. Have published more than 20 papers in various scientific journals.

Research Interest

Molecular biology, Virology, Vaccine