Damoder Reddy.M

Damoder Reddy.M
Union University, Jackson, Tennessee


Ph.D. (Chemistry, December-2014) CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, India Thesis title: Development of Synthetic Strategies to Furans, Pyrroles and Alkaloid Molecules, (-)-Longanlactone and (±)-Epibatidine Mentor: Dr. Ch. Raji Reddy, Principle Scientist. M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry, 2007) Osmania University, India B.Sc. (Chemistry, Biology, 2004) Osmania University, India

Research Interest

1. Involved in the development of new methodologies for organic synthesis 2. Utilized some of the molecules in DNA binding studies for cancer treatment 3. Involved in the asymmetric total synthesis of biologically active natural products 4. A pyrrole alkaloid, (-)-Longanlactone and a frog poison alkaloid, Epibatidine 5. 10-membered macrolides, Seimatopolide A & B