Connie Bøttcher Berthelsen

Connie Bøttcher Berthelsen Connie Bøttcher Berthelsen
Assistant Professor, Section of Nursing, Institute of Public Health, The Faculty of Health Science, Aarhus University, Orthopaedic Department, Regional Hospital of Zealand, Koge, Denmark.


Dr. Berthelsen completed her MScN in 2007 and her PhD in 2013, at Section of Nursing, Institute of Public Health, Faculty of Health Science, university of Aarhus, Denmark. Dr. Berthelsen has a strong background in orthopedic care and in her PhD she investigated relatives, patients, and health professionals’ behavioral patterns in relation to relatives’ involvement in older patients’ fast-track treatment programs during total hip and knee arthroplasty. Dr. Berthelsen is currently an assistant professor at Section of Nursing, Aarhus University, Denmark where she is working on her postdoctoral study of developing and evaluating a case management intervention based on the MRC-framework, to improve older patients’ post-discharge functional status after total hip arthroplasty based on spousal involvement. Dr. Berthelsens’ research also focuses on developing an interest for research utilization among orthopedic nurses by improving their knowledge of nursing research.

Research Interest

My research interests are based in the orthopedic specialty concerning older orthopedic patients and their relatives. My PhD study and postdoctoral study concerned patients’ having total hip and knee replacements and I am also involved in a Ph.D. study about older patients’ getting leg amputations, where I am co-supervising. My methodological interest is concerned with both qualitative and quantitative research. My Ph.D. was based on the general method of Grounded Theory which I also teach at the university to my Master of Science students. However I am also competent to evaluate phenomenological and hermeneutic studies and action research. The quantitative part concerns small intervention studies, systematic reviews, questionnaire studies, cross-sectional surveys and process evaluation (papers are submitted and under review at this point).