Ali Mohamed Ali Saad

Ali Mohamed Ali Saad
Specialist of Anesthesia and Intensive Care Unit, Ahmadi Hospital, Kuwait


Ali Saad is currently a Specialist of Anesthesia and Intensive Care Unit, working in field for 12 years? with continuous medical education programs, courses with weekly presentations. Abstract: Statement of the Problem: Study of ketamine postoperative for pediatrics as analgesics in kids group to achieve good analgesia, decrease opioid consumption postoperative. Target patients in case study are pediatrics above 1-year age (6 months to 6 years of age). Methodology & Theoretical Orientation: 1-2 mg/kg of ketamine was given IM postoperative in 42 pediatric cases and then assess patient comfort and pain severity in recovery room for 30 minutes postoperative up to 12 hours in ward. Findings: Achieve good smooth painless recovery and decreasing opioid consumption, arousable responding to commands child with maintained spontaneous breathing causing analgesia up to 12 hours postoperative in 30 of 42 cases. The remaining 12 needed postoperative analgesics after 6 hours. Conclusion & Significance: Ketamine can be given 1 mg/kg IM after finishing surgery before extubation; especially if other analgesics failed to relieve pain with full close observation and vital signs monitoring of child in recovery room for 30 minutes postoperative then assess child pain, vitals and conscious level before shifting to ward.

Research Interest

Medicine and surgery, Anesthesia