Ahmed G. Hegazi

Ahmed G. Hegazi
Professor, Department of Microbiology and Immunology. National Research Center, Dokki, Giza, Egypt


Ahmed Hegazi (born May 31, 1948) is currently a Professor of Microbiology and Immunology in the department of Zoonotic Diseases, National Research Center, Egypt. Prof. Hegazi received his masters degree in 1979, and his PhD in 1981. Hegazi's research work has been focused lately on bee products and their therapeutic effects. Hegazi Organized and contributed to national and international research projects since 1977 and up till now; he has been the principal investigator on multiple research projects within the National Research Center. He has published 166 scientific papers and articles in national and international journals. He also served on the board of multiple national and international scientific journals. Dr. Hegazi is also the president of the Egyptian Environmental Society for Uses and Production of Bee Products, secretary of the Egyptian Society of Apitherapy, secretary general of the African Federation of Apiculture Associations, and a member of the International Apitherapy Commission (APIMONDIA). Awards First Class Decoration of Excellence, Egypt, 1995 The Senior Scientist Prize of National Research Center, Cairo, Egypt, 1996 The National Scientific Prize In Biological Sciences, Egypt, 1990 The Scientific Prize of The National Research Center, Cairo, Egypt, 1989 The Second Best Research Paper Award, International Congress of Propolis, Bones Airs, Argentina, 2000 Main Speaker Award,10th Academic Conference, PRA and NAS (Nippon Apitherapy Soc.) Japan, 2006 2 Bronze medals from The International Innovation Fair of the Middle East, Kuwait, 2007 Patents Patent No. 8901 at 22/08/2006: A novel drug from natural products with new therapeutic modalities in treatment of psoriasis Patent No. 1005 at 02/01/2006: A novel drug from natural resources for controlling Fascioliasis Patent No. 270: at 01/06/2005: A novel drug from medicinal plants with antiatherosclerotic (hypocholesterolaemic), antioxidant and cardio protective properties. Patent No. 272: at 01/06/2005: A novel drug from natural resources with antiatherosclerotic (hypocholesterolaemic), antioxidant and cardio protective properties. Scientific Activities. Editor in the following International Journal: 1. Research Journal of Allergy, 2007, Chief Editor, 2016 2. International Journal of Virology, 2007 3. Current Research in Tuberculosis, 2007 4. Research Journal of Veterinary Science, 2007 5. Research Journal of Microbiology, 2007 6. International Journal of Cancer Research, 2007 7. Research Journal of Medicinal plants, 2007 8. Microbiology Journal, 2009 9. International Journal of Modern and Alternative Medicine Research, 2013 10. Scientific Reviewer research journal, 2014 11. Annals of Medical and Biomedical Sciences (AMBS), 2015 12. Chief Editor of the International Journal of Apitherapy, 2015 13. Journal of BAOJ Allergy & Immunology, 2016 14. Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Journal, 2016 15. Immunology and Serum Biology, 2016 16. Journal of Infectious Diseases Diagnosis and Therapy, 2017 17. Journal of Bioscience and Biotechnology Discovery (JBBD), 2017 18. 1Current Trends in Biomedical Engineering & Biosciences (CTBEB), 2017

Research Interest

Apitherapy, Immunology