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Head of the Clinical Trial Conduct Unit, Jules Bordet Institute, Brussels, Belgium


Professor Ahmad Awada studied Medicine at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Belgium. He did a specialisation in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology at Jules Bordet Institute (under the supervision of Professor Jean Klastersky), in Brussels, until 1992 (?La plus grande distinction?). During his specialisation, he also followed trainings in the clinical development of new therapies and new anticancer drugs, mainly in breast cancer under the supervision of Professor Martine Piccart. To deepen his training, he stayed in the Netherlands (New Drug Development Office, Free University, Amsterdam) and in San Antonio, USA (Institute for Drug Development, under the direction of Professor D. Von Hoff). He focused on the clinical development of new anticancer agents in solid tumors. Back from the USA at the beginning of 1994, Doctor Awada became Assistant Head of Medical Oncology Clinic, and Head of the Clinical Trial Conduct Unit at Jules Bordet Institute, Brussels. Since April 2005, he is the Head of the Medical Oncology at Jules Bordet Cancer Institute. In addition and from 1st March 2011, Dr Awada was hold Assistant Head of Medicine Department. He has an important clinical activity in the treatment of solid tumors. Doctor Awada took an active part in the development of new anticancer drugs in solid tumors, some of them already widely used. Thanks to the progress in technology and computer sciences, and consequently in molecular biology, we can understand better now the biology of cancer. Many drugs are now studied to block this process. Those are the molecular-targeted therapies, a subject studied extensively in clinical research by Doctor Awada and were the basis for this thesis obtained from the ULB, Brussels, in 2004. The aim of Doctor Awada, as far as research is concerned, is to look for new active anticancer drugs in solid tumors (new cytotoxics and molecular targeted therapies), and to individualize the treatments of cancer patients.

Research Interest

Oncology, Anticancer Drugs, Molecular Targeted Therapies, Molecular Biology, Clinical Research