Adina Cosarca

Adina Cosarca
Surgeon, Department of Maxilo-Facial Clinic, Targu Mures University, Balkans.


My name is Adina Cosarca, I leave in Tg Mures, Romania. I am a maxilo facial surgeon at the Maxilo-Facial Clinic in Tg. Mures. I graduated Dental Medicine in 2004 and General Medicine in 2009. In 2015 I graduated Phd School at the Univerity of Medicine and Pharmacy in Tg. Mures. My Phd thesis contains two parts.The general part of the thesis presents the current state of the dental impaction and some general information regarding immunohistochemistry( diagnosis,treatment,etiology, immunohistochemical markers). The personal part of the thesis contains a clinical and statistical study on canine and third molar impaction performed in patients exhibiting dental impaction, that were referred and treated at the Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery Clinic of Tîrgu Mure? in the 2009?2012 period, investigating several different parameters. By reviewing clinical records, we were able to establish whether the patient was referred by a specialist (orthodontist, dentist, general physician), or presented spontaneously. Finally, we analyzed the surgical protocols and the type of treatment applied to each patient (combined surgical-orthodontic or odontectomy).

Research Interest

Immunohistochemistry,Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery, orthodontic, odontectomy