Sukanchan Palit

Sukanchan Palit Sukanchan Palit

Sukanchan Palit
Department of Chemical Engineering,
University of Petroleum and Energy
248007,Uttarakhand, India 


Sukanchan Palit is a Chemical Engineer by training and profession. He has got long years of experience in teaching, research and development and industry. He, also ,is proficient in writing scientific literature and content development. He started his career after his post graduation in Chemical Engineering in marketing of catalysts in fertilizer industries. Then he was involved in application of industrial engineering in a paper industry and in a jute industry.Then after sharpening his skills in marketing he shifted to teaching and research. He was involved in research and teaching in premier institutions in India and abroad. At present he is a teacher of Chemical Engineering in a reputed university in Dehradun, India.

Research Interest

1) Areas of Chemical Engineering
2) Environmental Engineering
3) Multi-objective Optimization
4) Genetic Algorithm
5) Advanced oxidation processes and ozonation
6) Membrane separation processes
7) Environmental and energy sustainability

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