Subhash Pokhrel

Subhash Pokhrel

Lecturer in Public Health and Health Economics, Graduate School.


Subhash Pokhrel, PhD is renowned for his work in public health research. His Return on Investment (ROI) work has changed the way public health investors can make their business cases now.

The suite of NICE Public Health ROI Tools – which has been the basis for many public health investment decisions in England currently - was informed by the seminal work on tobacco control led by Subhash. The ROI tools are practical, customisable models to help make real-world decisions in context of local government decision-making.

Subhash’s work in public health research has been as diverse as the discipline itself – from developing a household decision making pathway for child health care  to quantifying the economic impact of  breastfeeding promotion; from evaluating health insurance for its population health impact to finding out what interventions improve physical activity. He has developed Behaviour Change Research Cycle to study lifestyle behaviours and their impact on public health.

Research Interest

complex social interaction, critical practice, cultural competence, interactional diversity, learning and teaching.

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