Soney C George

Soney C George Soney C George

Soney C George
Centre for Nanoscience & Technology,
Amal Jyothi Engineering College,
Kanjirappally, Kerala


Education Summary
M.Sc, Ph.D

Employment History
Postdoctoral Experience: University of Blasie Pascal, France (1999) and Inha University, South Korea( 2006-2007)
Teaching Experience: 17 years

Research Interest

I have worked in the area of elastomeric nanocomposites especially in the field of natural rubber reinforced with nano clays and nanotubes (SERC Fast track award for young Scientists). Nanocomposites were prepared by melt intercalation methods. Nanocomposites were characterized by using XRD, TEM and AFM. Organoclay filled elastomeric nanocomposites were prepared based on natural rubber and epoxidised natural rubber matrix. Organo clay such as Cloisite 30B, 15A, 25A, 93A, 20 A and 10 A were used as nanoclays for the composite preparation. Mechanical, dynamic mechanical, thermal, transport and permeation properties of nanocomposites were studied. The oxygen gas permeability of NR / CNT was found to be decreased with CNT loading.
Currently I am working in the field of development of elastomeric nanocomposites based on chloroprene rubber, Fluoroelastomer, nitrile rubber, poly butadiene rubber with graphene as filler (DST sponsored project).

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