Professor Joe Kai

Professor Joe Kai

Division of Primary Care, University of Nottingham, UK


Joe Kai has been an inner city general practitioner since 1991. He is Professor and Head of the Division of Primary Care at University of Nottingham, part of the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) School of Primary Care.He trained at Newcastle University, became a GP principal at Adelaide Medical Centre in the city, and helped set up the West End Health Resource Centre. As a lecturer, he developed interests in medical education, responding to ethnic diversity, and qualitative research. He won the inaugural RCGP award for best research in primary care in 1997 for his doctoral work on parents dealing with acute illness in young children.

As a senior lecturer at Birmingham University (1999-2002) he helped establish the Midlands Research Practices Consortium (MidRec) as its clinical director, facilitating implementation of major MRC and HTA commissioned trials in primary care, and worked as a GP in Quinton.

In 2003 he became Foundation Chair and Head of Primary Care at University of Nottingham's new graduate entry medical school. He supported its innovative curriculum and GP led clinical course at Derby. Moving to Nottingham's main campus in 2010 to develop more applied research, he became Head of the Division of Primary Care in 2012, with over 100 academic, teaching and research staff, including 8 chairs.


Research Interest

Cancer, Ethnic Minorities, Advocacy, Service Provision, Communication

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